rapid evolution

I'm still not sure what these things are or what they are going to become.
They are evolving rapidly into a different aesthetic and conceptual discussion 
from the images I posted last week. I'm just going to keep playing with 
them until the resolve themselves. 

At the very least I think they're pretty. 


Lost Photo Experiments

I'm not sure what these are yet but I'm definitely going to make some more and find out. 


French Leave Collective

A little over a year ago, some friends and I started a Crit Club. We meet once a month to look at each others current artwork and offer honest critique, to share opportunities and pool resources. 

The first few years out of graduate school can be tough, you are used to having people around you all the time who know what you are making and can offer feedback, grant access to tools and resources, and point you in the right direction for research and insight. But once you graduate, the community that was built of peers, faculty and staff seems to shrink a little bit, get a little farther away and harder to reach.  

This artist's group, which we have named French Leave Collective, is an effort to retain our community, to support each other and to help sustain our artwork. While we predominantly work as individuals, we are also excited to start work on several collaborative pieces. We actively seek out opportunities for the group as a whole as well as for individual members, sharing research, resources  and honest, insightful artwork critique. 

Check out our website for a full list of members and to keep up to date with FLC events!


Rachel + Julian

Sometimes, when my friends ask me really, really nicely, I make things for their weddings! 
When Rachel asked me to make the centerpieces for her big day, she told me very
 specifically that she wanted them to be art-pieces, and thus our collaboration began.  

She came up with the theme, "Meant For Each Other," and I executed them with exacting 
care in crisp white paper. Each table received a unique "Meant For Each Other" centerpiece. 
They included, "Peas and Carrots," "Bees and Flowers," "Spaghetti and Meatballs," 
"Needle and Thread," "Locks and Keys," "Monica and Chandler," "Elizabeth and Darcy," 
and of course, "Rachel and Julian."


HomeMade Documentation

This past December I curated the show, HomeMade for Wild Goose Creative in Columbus, Ohio. HomeMade exhibited eight unique artists who explore the theme of Home. Each of 
their pieces contributed to a diverse investigation of the theme through a variety of mediums 
including photography, video, painting and printmaking. Home means something different 
to each of us, and each artist’s approach examined a distinctive facet of the relationship to 
home. Some focused on the urbanization and deterioration of space while others were inspired
by the everyday domestic and sanctity of home. While concentrating on the complex connection between people and their spaces all these artists shared a personal and unique experience. 

Participating Artists:


HomeMade Reception

Is everyone excited for the show I'm curating at Wild Goose Creative?
Because you should be! HomeMade Reception is on Dec 12 at 7pm!


Key Return

The keys from Remnants are all packed up and ready to be returned! 
Thanks everyone for sharing your keys with me!