Dream House Sculpture 2.0

So you know the sculpture in my last post? As I was getting ready to photograph it, I dropped it. Whoops. I ended up having to photoshop out the dents and dirt. But I wouldn't actually want to show it to real live people like it was. Thus the remake featured below. The bonus? This second iteration is actually 100% more awesome than the original. I used a heavier paper for more durability, added a ton of new detail to the house and reworked the cloud formation so it would sit evening and securely. 
Not a bad ending to the story :) 


Dream House Sculpture

Pushing my Dream House project into the third dimension!


Blue Skies

Still image experiments with Dream House cut-outs


tessellation portals (or portholes?)

Made these up last week for a potential show in April. I feel like a genius because I 
really wanted some round frames but I couldn't find any on short notice, so I bought
two clocks at Target and disassembled them for their frames. I'm cool like that. 

UPDATE: Both of these pieces were accepted into the Sweetwater Center for the Arts 
show Shaping New Worlds and were part of a review written for TribLive. 


Columbus Moving Image Art Review

In a very entertaining turn of events, my two food gifs from my Art A Day series are being screened
 as part of the Columbus Moving Image Art Review. Come check out my giant face on the big screen
for exactly 30 seconds on Friday March 13th, 8pm, Hagerty Hall 180.


Dream House

I think I'll make some more of these!