Tomorrow I'll be sharing some new tessellation pieces as part of Wild Goose Creatives fundraiser #wildartcolumbus.  Watch their instagram, twitter and facebook for columbus artwork all this month, but especially tomorrow for mine!

Here's a sneak peek!


State Fair

My piece Tessellate won an Honorable Mention this year at the Ohio State Fair. 


bringing etsy back

I used to make a lot of cute stuff. And then I went to grad school and started to make serious stuff. And now, two years out of school, I make stuff that sits somewhere in between. It is often weird, sometimes sentimental, and occasionally, kinda funny.

My goal is always to make art that makes me happy, but that doesn't always mean that it is particularly sellable, and that's totally ok in my book. It's not always about making money. Sometimes though, when the planets align and Odin smiles down on me with his one eye, I make something that is both artistically gratifying and also just might be sellable.

I used to sell some of my super cute stuff on Etsy, but having run out of time and motivation during school, I let all my listing lapse. What I've done recently is refurbish my Etsy shop nicolecrock (unique name I know) to sell the artwork that fits more into my current conceptual art practice. Right now that means lots of Tessellations.  I'll keep adding different artwork, both 2 dimensional and sculptural, to Etsy as I come up with it.

Now for the cute stuff, I've moved that practice over to my pal's at Strelka Collaborative. They are super cool and have both an Etsy shop and sell locally at different craft venues. They have lots of adventure themed items and I fit right in.

So check it out:
      Nicole Crock Semi-Serious Personally 
           Fulfilling Weird Art Stuff Here                        Nicole Crock Cute Fun Crafty Art Stuff Here



So it turns out that X-ACTO corporate headquarters (technically since X-ACTO is owned by Elmer's it's Elmer's headquarters) is located in good ol' Columbus!  Some local filmmakers were looking for Columbus locations and artists to shoot a promo video for X-ACTO's new knife kit. 

They came poking around my super awesome workplace Igloo Letterpress looking to shoot there. 
Tada! Nicki Crock, on-screen talent! 


squarespace ya'll

Website Upgrade! Check it out!

It has a very similar layout to my old website, but is cleaner and happier :)
I also changed by blog header to match, cause I'm cool like that.


I'm so fancy

2D is good. 
3D is faaaaaaancy!

Check out the Tessellate page on my website. It's got all the 2D tessellations I've made so far.


let's tessellate

I'm starting to get a handle on this new project Tessellate. I'm using photographs 
of people and their houses found in thrift stores and antique malls.  I like the idea 
of salvaging and altering these images that have their own stories and history.